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Jumpei Matsumoto, Ph.D.

System Emotional Science, University of Toyama, Japan

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I am a Japanese neuroscientist working at System Emotional Science in University of Toyama. This page is for self-introduction and distribution of our software for research.

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(May/23/2017) We launched an web site for 3DTracker (, for futher sharing the work and open-source development. Check it and join us!

(Dec/14/2016) 3DTracker has been applied for monkey motion capture. link to the paper

(Dec/14/2016) 3DTracker has been used with electrophysiological recording and ultrasound recording for investigating naturalistic social behavior in rats link to the paper

(Jul/20/2014) 3DTracker was applied for analyzing object recognition test. link to the paper

(Jul/20/2014) Our software was reviewed by Dell et al. (2014) in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.


Check the for further information about the software.

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See also a video. 動画はこちら

We developed a novel 3D marker-less motion capture and behavior analysis system for interacting rodents, named 3DTracker. It’s open-source software available at PLoS ONE. We are going to provide updates of the software, documents, examples of applications, user communication forum and more, through a special web site,


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